We understand getting into the beard product arena can be intimidating so we’ve created a quick little F.A.Q to help you get started.

Q: Should I be using a beard balm?

YES! We were skeptical when we first started as well, but if you have problems with dry skin or hair, beard dandruff, or even some spots underneath your beard, then a beard balm could be exactly what you need.

Q: Why are there so many different oils?

The short of it is that each oil & butter has different benefits.

There is an incredible amount of science behind the oils & butters that we’ve incorporated into our beard balm, and each natural ingredient has its own purpose. Some keep your skin moisturized and soft, some work to unclog pores and helps in preventing spots, some keep your hair shiny and hydrated and ingredients like beeswax and red raspberry seed oil are said to have properties that help protect your beard and skin from the environmental elements like UV rays.

Q: How is a Beard Balm different from a Beard Oil?

Our balms are different from beard oils because they contain a higher concentration of solid butters like mango, kokum and shea butter, along with beeswax. The melting point of the butters are fairly low so when you work it into your palms, its melts and looks very similar to a beard oil, but slightly thicker due to the beeswax.

The most important aspect of a balm is that it contains our beeswax which works to give your beard some shapeability. 

More Question? Feel free to get in contact with us at staybalmed@gmail.com. We look forward to hearing from you!