Beard Oil

Used as a great stand-alone product, or in addition to a Beard Balm, Stay Balmed's All Natural Beard Oil is the perfect blend of oils designed to condition and soften your beard and skin, all while keeping you smelling great.

If you're a bit unsure of what beard products you should be using, our simple guide is this;

- Beard Oil is great for conditioning your beard hair and skin but will do very little to keep down any flyaways. This makes it the perfect option for shorter beards, or, a great option for long beards when used together with a medium to firm beard balm. Check out our Complete Beard Care Kits to grab yourself a bit of a deal.

- Beard Balm does a little of everything. It conditions using the same oil base as the beard oil, however thanks to the solid butters and beeswax, it provides some hold to give your beard shapeability. If you wanted to stretch out the life of a beard balm, we'd recommend using the oil to moisturize your skin and hair, then use a smaller amount of balm just on the outside of the beard to keep it tamed.

As with our Balms, we've kept our Beard Oils 100% natural to make sure everything you're putting on your beard and skin are free from synthetics.