Beard Balms

Stay Balmed's Handcrafted Beard Balms are all about finding a hold that works for your beard. By varying the amounts of our very own Stay Balmed natural beeswax, we've created three different holds that are designed to suit anything from the shortest to the longest beards.

Stay Balmed's Handcrafted Beard Balms are packed with all the great oils & butters you'd expect to find in a beard balm, and then some. We've kept our balms 100% natural to make sure everything you're putting on your beard and skin are free from synthetics. This includes the beeswax which is produced from our very own bee hives in Clayton, Ontario. 

We've provided a rough guide to help you choose which hold may work best for you, however feel free to play around with what works best for your beard. All three holds include the same great oil & butter base so you cant go wrong.


Soft Hold (H1) - H1 is our softest balm. A great substitute for beard oil, but with a touch of beeswax for hold. It is best suited for the one to two week beards. H1 provides excellent moisturizing and softening while working to keep the small fly aways at bay. 

Standard Hold 2 (H2) - H2 is our standard hold balm. It's most effective for beards that have reached the 1/2 inch length. H2 contains double the beeswax content from H1. This allows for extra hold, while maintaining the benefits of a great balm.

Firm Hold 3 (H3) - H3 is for beards in need of serious hold. This stuff is firm. H3 provides incredible hold to suit even the longest of beards. 

At the end of the day, any hold will be great for your hair and skin. All of the options are a nice, natural weight, and won't weigh down your beard.